SkelStart ESM

(Engine Starting Module)

Features & Benefits

  • Offers extremely high starting current, multiple times per charge (vehicle or gen set diesels)
  • Rapid recharge in just 3 minutes after full or partial discharge; a Canadian mine field trial provided a triple start on a Cat C27 Diesel (D10T)
  • 100% vibration proof – all solid-state design
  • Classified non-hazardous for shipping, storage and application; the ESM contains no hazardous chemicals
  • ESM employs nano-graphene electrolyte-impregnated ultra-capacitor media
  • This design is temperature-insensitive – works at full power from colder than -40°C and up to +65°C
  • SkelStart warranted for 6 years – the ESM is designed for 1,000,000 charge/discharge cycles at 20°C
  • The ESM is derived from a SkelStart design now in use by the ESA (European Space Agency)
  • The ESM mounting in all orientations (vertical, horizontal, inverted)
  • The 12/24 vDC ESM is similar in size to a Group 31 battery, yet is one third the weight
  • Installation is completely separate from the battery system; as a result, the ESM is unaffected by parasitic draw current losses on computerized engines
  • The SkelStart ESM reduces stress and improves lead-acid battery life by removing the shock load current demand at starting
  • The ESM improves starter life by delivering higher crank voltage than lead-acid batteries, thus lowering current and producing less heat at the motor brushes

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