Air PreCleaner

Introduction – Glacier Air PreCleaner

  • A permanent solution to extend air filter life up to 12 times, removing particulates as small as 1µm
  • Rotating blades dynamically exhaust up to 90% of the dust in suspension, preventing its entry into the air filter
  • Cleaned air enters the intake pipe, so the filter element has only the smallest particles to remove
  • Extend air filter service interval and machine performance
  • Compatible with all systems of air intake filtration
  • Custom versions available for turbines and compressors
  • Pre-Cleaner is designed for high efficiency, lower restriction; all Stainless materials ensure durability
  • Ideal for all equipment and vocations: trucks, shovels, drills, scrapers, loaders, compressors, forklifts and dozers in mining, long-haul freight, construction, landfill, ag and forest harvest machinery.


  • Tough, non-rusting, stainless steel & aluminum construction
  • Lightweight design – no additional clamps or support
  • Full lifetime warranty for entire Glacier unit
  • One-piece stainless steel impeller is dynamically balanced, eliminating vibration and noise
  • Sealed bearings prevent premature failure
  • Totally maintenance-free operation
  • Years of on-the-job proven dependability
  • Easy installation at any angle, even inverted, in minutes
  • Curved and angled vanes direct air flow to maximize cleaning efficiency


  • 8 Glacier models for many air cleaning tasks, from 50 to 1600 CFM
  • High-efficiency separation – better than 90% of airborne contaminants are ejected
  • Glacier PreCleaner reduces operating costs – up to 12 times longer filter life
  • Increased engine life and performance
  • Self-cleaning operation, no routine contact

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