Glacier Industrial offers an international team of experts to support your operations, focusing on two key areas: Fluid Purification and Power Systems.  We provide specialty tools proven to enhance uptime, improve reliability and reduce cost. Decades of experience ensure  these technologies provide rapid payback in vehicle, power, industrial and hydraulic applications.  Our Custom Design Services addresses purification of all hydrocarbons (fuels & oil), including removing water, separating miscible fluids, trapping contaminants and reclaiming or restoring used oils.

Glacier operates offices in Canada and United States, stocking product at both locations.  Custom Design Services are headquartered in Missouri with shops and offices for engineering, system prototyping and vessel fabrication.  Glacier’s professional distributor network operates throughout the world.

Our Founders


Greg began work for his father’s road construction business as a teenager in the 1970’s. His dad said, “Greg, go out with me on this job”, and that began a family tradition.  Greg tells a story about replacing the transmission in a scraper with his brother, in the mud on a cold night: a bunch of tools and a Cat parts book were the assets for the challenge — the boys got the job done.

Keeping a firm like D&S Road Construction on a firm footing, juggling complicated equipment and skilled staff and accurate job bids taught Greg a lot; it led him to innovate and find solutions to maintenance headaches, with attention toward prevention.

When his father suddenly passed away, Greg took over operations, but the family soon recognized the best option was a company sale. It was during this time Greg completed his degree, a BS in Chemistry in 1976.

Soon after, Greg began his current company, Key Maintenance Technologies (KMT), devoted to preventative maintenance customers could do more than what OEM’s were willing to accomplish.  Throughout the years operating KMT, he meticulously sourced the best technology in the lubricant, filtration and battery maintenance sectors to distribute to clients.

In 2012, Greg combined with a friend from Texas, Scott Rodibaugh and with him created Glacier Industrial.


Scott was born in the midwest part of the United States.

His dad’s work led the family to rural Wisconsin, selling pnuematic and hydraulic tools & controls for automating equipment. Scott learned from his father, traveling on sales visits; making things from scratch was fascinating.  He sought work during high school, so root beer at the A&W, stocking the drug store and in summer, golf groundskeeping and watering greens.

Family tradition (father, grandfather) led Scott to Purdue University and engineering.  Co-operative engineer training was appealing, and he signed up.  This five-year program matched a student to a company, working or studying in alternate semesters.  Scott chose Caterpillar Tractor (Illinois). Diesel Engines, Hydraulic Testing, Metallurgy, Turbines, the Track Roller Forge.  Once graduated (BSME, 1976), Scott accepted a full-time position with Cat, asking permission to first enter the Army Reserves, in which he served for 7 years.  The Design Engineer assignment at Cat began in 1977, first with Cat R&D, and continued in 1980 with a move to product engineering at a production facility.

Scott was recruited to Pall Corporation supporting marketing tasks for the Industrial Hydraulics Division.  In 1987, Scott re-located to Houston, TX and T.F. Hudgins, Inc.  There, he supported both engineering and marketing of their pressure-powered oil centrifuge.

After a decade, he left to create Devon Industries and distribute the centrifuge and related systems.  A patent was awarded for a self-cleaning lube oil contaminant separation system for engines.  Devon focused on selling to the land and offshore oil & gas drillers and marine customers.

Opportunities led Scott in 2012 to contact a friend from his Hudgins days, Greg Desrosiers, to propose the creation of a distribution business. Today Greg and Scott operate the company known as Glacier Industrial.