Magnetic Scrubbers

The In-­Line style controls debris loads of more than 20 lbs., using powerful rare earth magnetic materials. The camlock hardware allows simple and rapid service of the magnetic rod.

The Wye style scrubber is equipped with an internal 20 mesh strainer to capture non-magnetic debris. The magnetic rod is secured with a straight thread o-ring fitting.

In a Glacier Magnetic Scrubber, a simple housing forces direct contact between the fluid and a powerful rare earth magnet. This magnet lifts out all kinds of metallic debris – particles that are damaging your equipment every second.

All units are constructed of 304 Stainless steel, suitable for a wide range of applications including water-­‐glycol fluids and all fuels. The scrubber provides control of metallic debris using two standard models, the XG100 In-Line and the XG120 Wye. Many other custom designs can be provided to match your exact requirements – contact us for more information.

Servicing the unit is straightforward; simply remove the magnetic rod from the housing and wipe off the accumulated debris.

Reduce wear and unnecessary maintenance expenses with a Glacier Magnetic Scrubber, almost anywhere that fuel, lube oil, hydraulics, coolants, or water is circulated.

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