Bulk Media Purification

Bulk Purification uses media in granular form to purify or absorb contaminants from fluids including industrial oils, fuels, or water. Glacier’s design incorporates a removable lid to allow the spent media to easily be emptied from the vessel into a bin for proper remediation. The process is simple and can be completed by a single employee making the use of this system extremely cost effective. The system is designed to hold many different types of media and is engineered to specific flow rates.

Useful for:

  • Color removal
  • Sulfur removal
  • Odor removal
  • Viscosity improvement
  • T.A.N. improvement
  • Cold soak test improvement

Design Parameters:

  • Duplex or simplex
  • Series or parallel
  • Stainless or carbonsteel
  • ASME Code stamped or non-stamped

Recommended Media Types / Sizes

  • Fuller’s earth  8/15 mesh
  • Activated alumina 15/30 mesh
  • Activated carbon 30/60 mesh
  • Various granular media


  • Custom engineered to meet clients flow rates and feedstock requirements

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