Centrifuges (PPC)

ACS 900 (2 gpm at 60 psig; total dirt capacity = 900 cc.)
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ACS 2000+ (4 gpm at 60 psig; total dirt capacity = 2000 cc.)
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ACS 6000 (16 gpm at 60 psig; total dirt capacity = 6000 cc.)
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The Glacier Pressure-Powered Centrifuge:

  • removes solids from lube mixtures, fuels and all types of oils.
  • product line has a flow range of 1 to 22 gpm
  • can be arranged with multiple units for larger volumes with rapid clean-up
  • is hand-cleanable and its life exceeds that of the equipment
  • provides diagnostic features for visual and forensic inspection
  • removes NO active additives or lube solubles
  • requires NO special tools to service and maintain
  • can be equipped with an OTB, allowing remote centrifuge position.

Engine Applications

The Glacier Centrifuge is a permanent, cost-effective tool reducing engine wear and lube oil degradation.  Engines need protection against grit, soot, and other contamination left uncontrolled by disposable oil filters. Engine and oil damage is created by particles as small as 10 microns, dirt sizes filters cannot trap. This small grit wears out rings, cams and bearings.  The Glacier PPC (pressure-powered centrifuge) removes these abrasives, breaking the chain reaction of wear.

Hydraulic Applications

The Glacier Pressure-Powered Centrifuge is successfully applied in hydraulic systems when high dirt ingression otherwise overwhelms OEM filter strategies.  The centrifuge improves oil cleanliness and life, lowers cost and greatly extends uptime:

  • Truck Hoist & Brake Cooling Circuit — mining customers are avoiding mandated vehicle shutdowns at filter plugging which take haul trucks out of service for filter changes; two week plugging is now extended to two months
  • Crusher Bearing Lube Circuit — thousands of gallons of lube oil is exposed to dust from tons of crushed rock; OEM filters are unable to trap the large volumes of very fine grit, so lube life is cut and bearing wear is accelerated. On larger crushers, the PPC collects dozens of pounds per service cycle.

Reduce equipment wear, increase lube life while cutting maintenance expenses with a Glacier Centrifuge!


Glacier Centrifuges add value in a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Power generation
  • Mining
  • Hydraulic tanks and crushers
  • Construction/heavy equipment

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