Oil-Water Control and Drying

Air Stripping (IOP Design)

Air Stripping is used to dehydrate lubricants of all types, using mass transfer of water into ambient air; performance of these systems are enhanced by reducing oil viscosity (adding heat) and cleaning by use of particulate filtration. Air stripping techniques can address free and emulsified water to levels less than 50 ppm.   Air Stripper designs are the simplest water control tools and employed when water control standards are less demanding.

Vacuum Distillation (IVD Design)

Vacuum Distillation is used to dehydrate, degasify, and purify industrial fluids of all types, using vacuum, heat, and particulate filtration. Using a barrier filter, solid particulates larger than 1 μm and entrained gases are all removed, and all free, emulsified, and dissolved water down to less than 10 ppm total water is removed. Downtime and maintenance are both significantly reduced, and flash point and viscosity are restored to like-new or better condition.

Ideal for all types of industrial, lubricating, and food-grade oils.

Water Removal

  • Less than 10 ppm


  • Down to 14/12/9

Flow Rates

  • 1 gpm – 30 gpm

Power Voltage

  • 220 V / 60 Hz / 1 or 3 phase
  • 380 V / 50 Hz / 3 phase
  • 480 V / 60 Hz / 3 phase


  • 80 °F – 650 °F


  • 50 psi – 300 psi


  • ASME U-stamped vessels
  • Single pass operability
  • Local or remote control panel
  • Explosion proof rated electronics
  • Process- or batch-mode design and operations
  • Stand-alone and portable models available

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